Transportation of household goods


One of  the most demanding times in ones life is  when there is a transfer of residence from one city to another and this is exactly what I had to  face when I decided to shift base from Bangalore to New Delhi  in March 2012.

With over fifteen years of marriage behind us I and my wife had managed to accumulate all the essentials required to run a household effectively and efficiently. This ranged from the essential furniture to electrical appliances to a large number of suitcases full of our daily wears and of course not to count the many more suitcases of my wife’s party wears. Of course not to forget that we also had to transport our vehicle back to New Delhi.

Anyway we got down to the task of packing our household goods on a slow and steady basis every day bit by bit. This was my fourth such move from one place to another and hence had a bit of experience on the packaging of household goods. Have never engaged the services of professional packers as I have always felt them to be too costly (one’s in Bangalore were in the range of 40K – 80K).

Armed with a list of transporters from Just Dial (a very good “Ask Me” service) we got down to calling all the transporters and getting information on the kind of services provided by them and the rates offered. Having called over ten such transporters we narrowed down to a person called Satbir who operates a company called French Cargo in Bangalore who has been in this business since the last fifteen odd years.

I then called him to the house such that he could get a feel of the goods and understand the requirements on a first hand basis. Talking to him and getting an idea of his past experience on transportation was comforting and he seemed to know his job. There were 2 options given by him namely either we take a 32 footer truck in which both the household goods and the car could be transported or else to take a 19 footer in which the household goods could be transported and the car could go separately in a trailer.

Whilst the pricing of both the options was the same the disadvantage with the first option was that the truck would only be allowed till the city limits and smaller trucks would be needed to ferry the materials from home to the loading point and the same would apply in New Delhi with the goods being offloaded at Gurgaon and then smaller trucks to ferry them to our house. Considering the number of loading / unloading required in the case of a 32 footer I opted for the smaller truck and this made more sense as it was a house to house delivery.

With the planning done it was time for execution and the transportation was done with an express delivery (at no extra cost) from Bangalore to New Delhi in 3 days flat. There were some damages to the furniture but nothing that could not be repaired within a reasonable cost. We paid 8K for the transportation of the car and 42K for the transportation of the household goods including loading and unloading. Taxes were extra. All matters related to insurance were also handled by him.

Satbir has been very professional and my experience with him has been quite good. He can be contacted at +91 9241224940.


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