About Us

From My Experiences…I guess one doesn’t realize how addictive writing a blog can be till you start one.

This site was not born on a single day but a lot of thought went into it as to what I wanted to achieve through this endeavor. In life there have been numerous experiences (some good and others not so good) and I guessed that other people would have gone through similar experiences and would have had to go through similar steps that I had probably gone through. Then it clicked…..what if I shared my own experiences with people and if they could be of help to others.  These were not just general experiences but then very detailed and specific in nature. Then was the next logical jump to consider what if other people could share their life experiences, what could be gained? I was sure that we all could avoid a few mistakes if we could learn from others.

Considering my love of sharing my experiences I decided to start a blog that would allow everyone to share life experiences with everyone else. I wanted to highlight the pains taken in each experience and how I went ahead to resolve each one and of course to praise the people with whom I interacted on these special occasions. I have taken the liberty to name these people with the hope that others could benefit out of my experiences in dealing with them.

I hope that we are all able to share our experiences and bring to light the efforts of good people with whom we have interacted.

From my experiences…..