Eating out at Millers 46, Bangalore

Come weekend and I like to take a break from the home cooked food and head out with the family to a restaurant for lunch….. each week is a different place though there are some places which have earned a respect for themselves and demand repeat visits.

Millers 46 is a restaurant located on Millers road, Bangalore which is primarily a steakhouse and is reputed for serving fresh (not frozen meat) steaks and  I became a regular to this joint for over four years. The restaurant is designed in the classic western salon setup and the place boasts of a large space on the first floor though I personally prefer the seating on the second floor which is better ventilated.

The menu is not all about the steaks, you can choose from an extensive array of starters and soups. Starters can quite fill you up and leave no place for your stomach, skip the starters unless you have an absolute favorite….now, I wonder why they call them starters in the first place.

Millers 46 is the quintessential steak house, serving up a meaty range. This restaurant has maintained consistently good quality since it opened a few years ago. It focuses on good cuts of meat and some delightful sauces, with all the trimmings in place. A Wild West theme runs through the place, with waiters in cowboy gear scurrying across tables in an efficient and courteous manner.

The Lemon Ice Tea is a refreshing drink and pretty well made there though of course I love to do with my own glass of chilled beer and as soon as the order is placed a basket of assorted breads with a rich garlic and herb dip is on your table which actually starts to tickle your taste buds. Waiters move around the place carrying out trays of smoking sizzlers and each one looks better and more appealing than the other.

When the food arrives, you realize that the chef is a true artist…the steaks are grilled just the way I like it, not overcooked or undercooked and the sauces are divine. Non beef eaters and vegetarians need not panic. There’s plenty for you to eat too and it’s all good….my wife and two kids are vegetarians and they freak out on the cottage cheese sizzlers. The portions served are really good and substantial (approx 300gms of superb meat).

I have often had the Miller’s USP sizzler named ’Chateaubriand sizzler’ made out of fully done beef-steak. Great taste and combination of steak and mashed potatoes with boiled vegetables all well done and served elegantly in sauce that had the taste of pepper, garlic and hint of mustard. I have also tried the ’Twice Marinated steak sizzler’ and it was equally good compared to the Chateaubriand sizzler. It had a unique flavor that is typical of any marinated meat; soft and succulent that just makes your tongue go wow! 

The unique selling proposition of Millers could not be anything but steaks. A decent steak rub or sauce could add some flavor & the magic often dwells in the hands of the chef and the one at Millers 46 does a great job at them. This place is a must visit if you are a steak lover. I can vouch for the steaks we had and each time it was a great experience….you have to haunt the place till you’ve have tried everything. 

Miller’s offers great value for money. An average meal for a family of four (including two kids) including drinks should set you back about 1200 bucks and I know I’ve paid a lot more for a lot worse. Give it a try……its great value for money!!

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