Kaal Sarp Puja at Trimbakeshwar

Kaal Sarp Puja at Trimbakeshwar

Based on an advice from a family astrologer I planned to make a visit to Sri Trimbakeshwar in Dec 2011 to perform a Kaal Sarp Puja designed to take away the ill effects of the planetary positions that were being reflected in my horoscope. Having been out of  luck for some time I was ready to take this step in the hope that it may have some positive impact and if nothing turned out it was still a visit to a holy place and there was nothing to lose.

Since I had some work in Mumbai I was able to combine the two trips into one and make it both a business and personal trip.  The dates for the Kaal Sarp are taken out by the pandit and each month has different dates and is performed 3-4 times a month. The trip from Mumbai to Nasik took about 2 ½ hours by taxi ( I believe there are regular buses plying too) and since I had my transport I could head directly to Sri Trimbakeshwar without having to enter Nasik city. Sri Trimbakeshwar is about 25-30 kms off Nasik city and comes before reaching Nasik.

 We stopped a few times in the town of Sri Trimbakeshwar to ask for the address of the pandit and he definitely seemed to be well known in that town. The arrangement with the pandit was a cover charge of Rs 2,500 which included overnight accommodation and the puja expenses. The room was extremely basic and just let you have a nights sleep on a sharing basis. I had to buy a new kurta pyjama and a new towel from a nearby shop as part of the preparation of  the puja.

The next day was an early start at 0600 hrs and with a quick bath (no shower) we all assembled at the courtyard downstairs. I was surprised to see a gathering of about 50 odd people who seemed to have come from all parts of the country. The puja is conducted in a hall with row seating of about 7 people each on the floor and there is a small table  in the front with all the samagiri for the puja. The puja lasts from 0800 hrs to 1200 hrs without a break and one needs concentration on following and repeating the mantra’s and at the same time doing various acts such as washing the idols, offering flowers, applying tilak etc.

The only respite was at about 1200 hrs when we were asked to walk out of  the hall and go to  the nearby kund to sprinkle some water on ourselves. After 15 minutes it was back to the hall where the used plates and offerings had been cleaned up and were replaced by fresh one’s. Then began another marathon which lasted about 1 ½ hours. Post the puja of about 5 ½ hours with a 15 minute break the group was asked to assemble in the courtyard where there were about 10 havan kunds placed and with a random seating of 5 people per kund and then began a relatively short havan of about 30 minutes. Finally at about 1400 hrs the pandit declared the puja as accomplished.

All the people went to their respective rooms for a bath post which the fresh kurta pyjama worn for the puja was discarded. A small lunch was organized (covered in the puja fees) and the troupe went off into different direction of the country as they had come.

It was quite a unique experience and I hope that the above information is useful to all those who have been advised by their family pandit / astrologers to perform a similar puja. 


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  • Hello I’m from Kolkata, I’ll share my own experience about kalsarp puja. Me March 5th 2020 me kalsarp puja ke liye trimbakeshwar ka plan kiya tha, first time ja rahi thi to bahot ten tha kyunki waha ka to kuch pata nahi tha, to google search se bahot sare pandit ji ke number mile unme se 2-3 loko ko contact kiya lekin koi guidence hi nahi mil raha tha bus log kehte aa jao,jyada kuch bata nahi bus date diye, fir bhi searching chalu hi tha to my experience ka site dekha usme pandit vaibhav ji ka contact number mila to unhe call kiya to unhone sab details bata ye dates diye kaise aana padega, konasa station, waha se trymbakeshwar kaise jana sab bohot acchese guide Kiya, pohchane ke bad bhi milkar hume puja ki jankari di, subah time pe puja start hua, humara individual puja tha, unhone puja bahot acche se explain kiya. Abhi bhi jab kuch problem hota he to hum unhe call karte he to ab bhi wah solutions dete he, all over experience bahot acha tha, I’ll suggest agar kisi ko tryambakeshwar puja ke liye jana hoga to ek bar jarur pandit vaibhav ji se contact kare. 7709424732 / 9730162784

  • Namaste I’m from Lucknow,
    Main abhi December 24 ko kalsarp puja ke liye trimbakeshwar gayi thi, jane se pehele maine isi article se pandit vaibhav ji ko contact kiya tha unhone puja ke dates diye the to unme se date select kr puja ke liye gaye the, covid 19 ke safety ke vajah se waha pe ek hi puja ki arrangement ki thi , puja bahot accha hua, unhone puja bahot acche se samjayi, me kalsarp puja ke liye pehle bhi ek bar gayi thi koi aur pandit ji ke pas lekin mujhe satisfaction nhi mila jo mujhe ab mila. Pandit vaibhav ji is such a good person & good astrologer, thank you for suggesting his number . I’ll again share & suggest his name & number for kalsarp puja & all Puja.
    Pandit vaibhav 7709424732

  • Thanks, Rajeev for narrating such pleasant & useful information. I appreciate your efforts.
    I’m here because of the same reason.
    Please let me be clear one thing Is there any possibility to perform “Kalsarp Pooja” inside the temple not at the Pandit Ji’s house?

  • Thank u 4 sharing… i was in a dilemma …. ujjain or nasik… as i am from Kolkata… and will travel alone with my son as my husband has no faith in this puja…. now i hv decided to go to nasik and perform puja…. is it safe 4 a lady to go without any one accompanying her…. thanks to others for sharing panditji no…… i wl contact asap

    • Pls contact Pandit-Vaibhav ji, he will directly guidance
      to you how to reach their, I’ll contact Pandit-Vaibhav ji before one month regarding to kalsarp puja at trimbkeshwar & I’ll go their for kalsarp puja, he will guide to me about all puja performance , he will advise about my kundali , now I have great & nice experience from pandit Vaibhav ji. Puja bahot shanti se hua , humare sath aur 2 loka Ka puja tha limited puja hone se pandit ji ne acchese guide kiya.
      Contact to him for kalsarp & other puja’s pandit Vaibhav ji 7709424732 & 9730162784

  • I’ll share my own experience about kalsarp Pooja in trambkeshwar. I will feel so good after this pooja
    Friend ham agar koi bhi Pooja agar dilse karte to uska fal bhi Hume accha milta he. Guruji me Hume Pooja tu o bahot achese samjhayi. Mera experience bohot accha tha. Maine esi website ke reviews dekh ke pandit vaibhav ji se contact kiya aur unhi ke yaha puja karayi, jaisa yaha pe experience tha waise hi puja hui ..

  • One thing I want to know that I have heard from someone that after the completion of the puja I can take only veg food for next three months. Is this correct?

  • I am to do the Pooja in KAMAKHYA TEMPLE Guwahati Assam …But the priest here has asked for Rs 9000/- plus wants to me to take two sarpas made in Silver..please advise

    • It sounds to be too much…..I paid 2,100 for the puja including overnight stay in a shared room. Also the pandit provided the sarps to us for the puja and we left them with the pandit after the puja. To me what you are being asked is a rip off.

      • Hello Rajeev

        Can you please share the name and contact number of the pandit . It will be a great help !

        Thank you

        • Pandit vaibhav 7709424732
          Hi does pooja in 2100 Rs . And all experience on this page about him is do good . Me b isi website se num liya tha jaise ki unhi ke bare yaha pe comments he bilkul vaisa hi bahot accha pooja huyi.

          • I am from Delhi and had no idea to travel across Maharashtra and get the puja done without being cheated as there are lot of information on various sites/online services are available with different price packages.

            After going through this site, contacted Pandit Vaibhav ji and got same response as mentioned by many others. The puja happened with relax mind & satisfaction. He facilitated so well and am still in contact with him for other pujas online. Would like to extend my gratitude to Panditji and the experience i received.

            Any one who is suggested with Kaalsarp puja should contact him than being deceived and misguided by any other services offered online.

            Pandit Vaibhav ji (trimbak city near to main trimbak temple) – 7709424732, 9730162784

            Lastly thanks to Rajeev sir for starting this thread and visitors who shared there valuable experience which will motivate others to get the puja done safely.

            Amit B.

      • Your puja was not a puja it was just your satisfaction of your mind . If you do it properly it will last 6-7 days with 4-5 pandits . Instead u were ripped off .

  • Hello friends i’m from Chandigarh. After reading all comments I contacted Pandit Vaibhav.
    The experience with the pundit was simple and clear without any complications……there were no hidden costs and at that time all I paid was Rs 2,100.
    That was my first visit and there were no misunderstandings on the money. He jokes about a big dakshana but we all gave him Rs 100 which he happily accepted.

  • Dear Friends,

    I want to perform Kalsarpa Dosha Puja and havan at Trimbakeshwar. Please share the name and the contact number of the panditji who can do it.

    Thanks and regards,

  • Hello friends
    I’m from Delhi
    Me trbakeshwar me June 20 ko kaalsarp ki Pooja krke aaya hu.
    Mene jaane se pehle is web site se Pandit vaibhav ji ka num liya tha jab unse contact kiya aur unhone mujhe meri date of birth & time msg krke unhone mere kundali dekh kar unhone mujhe pooja muhrat diye. Pooja ka cost 2100 Rs liye . aur waha pe Pooja group me nhi hui. pooja subah 6 baje statr hokr 9.30 baje khatm hui. Pandit Ji ne Pooja bahot acchese samjayi. I feel so good after pooja. They are doing all Hindu dharmik Pooja ex. Grab shanti, vastu shanti, murti pran pratishta, kundali guidance, nakshtra shanti, pitrudosh Pooja,and many more Hindu pooja .
    For kalsarp Pooja in trimbakeshwar contact 7709424732 panditji.

    • That to me seems to be a bad piece of advice….many people come from different parts of India and to land up in a new town and to depend on guidance from auto drivers seems suicidal.

      I would strongly advice all the readers to plan in advance and not subject yourself to whims and fancies of auto drivers who by then would know that you are stuck……and what luck for them.

  • Namaskaram,
    I did my puja at trambakeshwar on 19th june 2016. I actually did 3 pujas due to my mangal dosha and rudra abhishek.
    Total cost for 3 pujas total 5500 inr.I know it is above what everyone has quoted bit this was done by one pundit exclusive for me and he explained every step and why we are doing all the steps very well.
    Below are the steps if you qre planning to do it trambakshwar.

    Carry brand new cloths that you will wear only once and discard it, preferrable a kurta payjama.
    Arriving at nasik:
    I took mumbai dadar to nasik road train.
    From nasik road shared auto at 100 inr.
    No direct bus from nasik road to trambkshwar you will have to change bus.
    Stay at trmbkswr:
    I choose Hotel Sai Yatri, basic room non ac inr 700. 14 inch tv with cable is also in the room. Inr 400 for rhe cheapest room and common bathroom (dont choose this unless you are ok with sharing common bathroom). AC room 1200 inr and another big one for inr 1800.
    Puja day:
    Fast today, you can have a chai.
    My puja was in an ashram 10 mins away from the mandir near bp petrol pump. Rickshaw cosr inr 40.
    Puja started at 7.30 ended 10.45 am.
    Followes by visarjan at the kund.
    Additional activites:
    The weather is beautiful during rainy seaskn you can climb to the godavari mukh. Local people suggest dont take the rickshaw as the rickshaw will drop you at half point.
    Do some shopping you will find nice puja related items.
    Coming back to Mumbai:
    Took the state tranaport bus from trambakeshwar to thakkar (thakkar is second last stop before nasik bus station).
    From thakkar i took a rickshaw to a plave where all neeta and other pvt buses are available, cost me inr 40 to reach there in 10 mins.
    Took the next avialble ac bua to mumbai for inr 450.
    After wards:
    Abstain from all activities which are considered sinful as per hindu religion for 41 days.
    Personaly, i really feel good about it, belive in your karma dont doubt the ritual.
    Stay blessed.

    • Hi Vinay, how did you choose the Pandit, did you book online? Can you please share Pandit’s contact details if he was good.

    • Hi . I am planning to go to Nashik and get the Kaal Sarpa Dosh puja done. I need an honest feedback that did you get positive vibes in your life after the puja. Because right now I am going through a very rough patch.

      Please provide your take on this.

  • Hello friends
    Me trbakeshwar me 21st may ko kaalsarp ki Pooja krke aaya hu.
    Mene jaane se pehle is web site se Pandit vaibhav ji ka num liya tha jab unse contact kiya aur unhone mujh muhrat diye. Pooja ka cost 2100 Rs liye . aur waha pe Pooja group me nhi hui. pooja subah 6 baje statr hokr 9.30 baje khatm hui. Pandit Jo me Pooja bahot acchese samjayi. I feel so good after pooja.

  • I friend I’ll share my own experience about kalsarp Pooja in trambkeshwar. I will feel so good after this pooja . Maine 4march KO Pooja kiya tha . air mujhe abhi Pooja ka accha effect mil raha he. Friend ham agar koi bhi Pooja agar dilse karte to uska fal bhi Hume accha milta he. Guruji me Hume Pooja tu o bahot achese samjhayi. Mera experience bohot accha tha

  • Hi All,
    I have recently heard of the puja in Trambakeswar temple for Kaalsarpyoga. After some Googling I found this experience sharing and discussion portal and happy to see that many persons from all across the country have shared various experiences. I have one question. If anyone could answer it will be great

    Is this puja really effective. This can be answered by anybody who has the Kaalsarpyoga and performed this puja successfully in Trambakeshwar. Did you noticed any changes in daily life.
    For example – As of my knowledge anyone with this ‘kaalsrpyog’ will face many hurdles and dificulties in any task they will perform. So after performing this puja do you feel it worked. I am asking only for opinion because I will finalize my decision if it really works.

    I am expecting answer from anyone who have performed this puja or any reference of anyone who did this and also the result they received in real life.

    • Hi Suddasatta,

      As you may have read different people have had their own experiences…..some found it effective and others not. You would need to take your own call on this.

  • I was visiting India to take my parents to Maharashtra Jyotirlingas. We did not have any specific aims or prescription for puja but we did wish to do abhishek in each place. In Triambakeshwar our first stop, I had contacted a “pandit” Ajit Chandwadkar after reading teh posts in this site. I was very impressed by the prompt reply to email and his contactability when I landed in Nashik. He advised us to be in his house at 5.00am sharp which we did. Entire discussion upon arrival was clearly blunt and purely commercial with not even a hint of courtesy. Nevertheless we were there and decided to go ahead. To cut the long story, I was so appalled by his rude demeanour and frankly confrontational attitude, I regretted my decision of getting involved with so called warden of my religion. Though this pest is purely commercial, he tells, he does not do this for money!!! Later on we realised that he outsources the less fetching puja like abhisekh to other pandits (?arrangement). He does other pujas like kalpasaarpyog en masse which can earn him anywhere around Rs. 50,000 in a day. No wonder he has no respect for anyone!!
    A confrontation was avoided, no thanks to him. The kind of things he said to me were totally akin to talks of a street thug, totally ignorant and idiotic.
    I just hope that the bitterness in my heart dies away and does not dissuade me of hindu religious places in India.

  • Dear All, Namaskar!

    I’m vivek singh from Kolkata. I only believe in ancient knowledge and teachings.

    My DOB is 30.09.1986 and time is 08.11 AM in morning.

    Do I have Kal Sharpa Yog ?. Does my Kundali reveals any problems which I must take care of.

    Please reply. I’m waiting

  • Hi Rajeev, I have few questions:

    1) How far Panditji’s house from main temple?
    2) Is there any hotel nearby panditji’s place where we can stay and reach easily early in the morning?

    Please advise.

  • Hi friends I have been. Advised to undergo kal sarp puja . I have to go from Delhi to Traimkeshwar can some one plz guide me the best train from Delhi and the way back which takes less time

  • Dear Rajeev,

    Many thanks to you for publishing this article. I have also been advised to visit Trimbakeshwar for Rahu Ketu Pooja. Would you have an idea if it’s the same as Kaal Sarp Pooja or any different? Also, I am quite confused after going through the various comments on the thread. It seems like the pooja hasn’t really benefited people.

    Would really appreciate your comments on this.

    Many thanks again for this very useful piece of information.

    • Dear Neha,

      I am sorry but I dont have the information whether the two puja’s are the same. As I have mentioned in one of my old comments my brother claimed the puja was helpful for him while for me it did not. We went for the puja at the same time.

      You would’nt be able to find out till you do it…..

    • Dear Babita,

      What I was advised was to do the puja in Trimbakeshwar……I asked the pandit for an alternative and even suggested if I could do it in Ujjain….he somehow insisted for the former place. Best is to ask the astrologer or pandit.

  • Sir, Many Thanks for such detailed info. Please if you could tell me if Puja was performed in a hall and not in mandir than it is really necessary to go to Nasik. I am Delhi Based, cant i get pooja done by any pundit in delhi or Haridwar. Please if you have any idea of same.

    • Hi Amit,

      If you have read through the comments you would have read that the puja was done in a hall and not in a mandir. I also went to Nasik from Bangalore so I dont really see the constraint of you taking a train from Delhi.

  • Dear Rajeev ji,

    Nice Article ! Very informative & unbiased.

    I have been recently suggested by an astrologer to perform Kaal-sarpa Puja at Trimbakeshwar. Although, I am willing to perform the puja., but am also averse to pseudo-commercialism in the name of puja., where-in different pandits offer different rates as per the status. I am caught in 2 minds. :))

    • Dear Mukesh,

      Am glad you found the article to be of use.

      My suggestion would be to go for the puja with a clean mind…..do your karma and leave the rest to the Almighty.

    • Hello,

      I visited Trimbakeswar few days back and did Kal Sarph Puja on 14th Aug. I see there are lot of changes in puja compared to Mr. Rajeev experience in the blog. Hence I am noting down my experience in brief, hopefully it might be useful.

      I reside in Bangalore and took an early morning flight to Mumbai landed around 7 am. We prebooked a cab which took us to Nashik, currently Nashik and Trimbakeswar is hosting the Mahakhumb mela plus auspicious shavan month hence there is little more crowd than usual months. Our driver advised us to visit few temples in Nashik like Pachvati etc, there are many temples in the area and we covered all in an hours time. Then we left for Thrimbakeshwar we reached by evening 5 pm and stayed in hotel named Shayadri. There are many hotels and accomodations available in the town hence please do not worry about accomodation. At 6 pm we visited our Pandit Mr. Ajit and he described all the rituals and puja time for next day. Same evening we visited the temple, it was drizzling and the temple looked magnificient. Darshan was fast and we returned back to our hotel. Next day morning at 6 30 we went to the kund which is near to the Panditji house where we tool holy dip and changed to new set of clothes. New clothes Should NOT be of Black OR Green (any shades) colors other than that any color is fine. We reached Panjitji home at 7.30 am and our Puja started by 8 am. Ajitji first narrated us about Kal sharp dosa, about the importance of the Trimbakeswar. the room were puja was conducted accomodated 30 odd people. There were small puja chowki (small tables), 3 in number and all required puja samagri was kept there. Another room had havan arrangemnet, we were also taken to that room and we prayed in front of fire god. Puja is an elaborate one and we were done by 11.30 am. After the Puja we were told few procedures to be followed like – no onion garlic meal for that particular day, dont stay at relative place who is not of ur gothra, please prefer staying at hotel, and even if u had to stay pay for the food and stay like u do for in hotel. next 45 days avoil non veg food and alcohol. After puja we deposited the new pair of clothes what we wore for the puja in Panditji house itself and changed to other dress which u need to carry with urself.

      Puja is very fulfilling, place is very beautiful and peaceful. On our way back to Mumbai via Nashik Mumbai expressway I experienced amazing scentic beauty like never seen before. Please dont worry about anything, there are lot of hotels for lodging and food (mostly tasty veg food). I hope and pray my wishes and everyone’s wishes are fulfilled and we get good result in coming days. Take Care!

      • Hi Ritu,

        Thank You for sharing your experience. I am advised by my pandit ji to perform Kal Sarp Puja. I am planning to go Trimbakeshwar in sep. It would be good if you can share the contact number of Ajitji.

        Thank You

          • Hi Ritu,

            Thanks for sharing your experience . Can you please share the contact number of Ajit PanditJi.

            Thank You

      • Hi Ritu,

        Thanks for sharing ur experience. If you could help me with the contact details of Panditji who helped u to performed puja. It would be gr8 help. I am willing to perform puja in december 2015.

      • hi Ritu,

        I would like to talk to u and clarify few doubts because even i am planning to do the puja in January. I am from Mumbai.

      • Hi Ritu,

        Even i stay at Bangalore & willing to go to Trimbakeshwar temple for the rid of my Sheshnag Kal Sarp Dosh. Request you to please share the details of Panditji so that i can contact & discuss on the needy rituals.

        Thanks & Regards,
        Swapnil Natu.

    • Hi All,

      I am going to marry a girl who is having Kalasarpa dosha. Our parents are disagreeing. Can you please say .. after doing this pooja has the bad effects of the dosha were completely eradicated and going on there was happiness and peace in life. Just want to ensure any more pooja or procedures needs to be done or not. We both believe in God. We want to ensure the same to our parents showing your examples. Please help us with your reply.

      Thank you all.

  • Dear Sir,

    Pls guide me for Kalsarpa Yog Nivaran puja.

    I am Nitin Kaushal form Delhi.

    Nitin Kaushal

    • Dear Raj,

      You am not the right person to say if it is “all gyan baji”.

      All I can say is that people go to the temple and pray to the Almighty to seek solace specially when their cards are down. Life is precious and awesome indeed but when someone goes go through a rough patch in life such words sound hollow.

  • Pls rajiv batai mujhe wahan pe puja karne k wad mujhe santi milega na.mey unmarried hun.mujhe bahut problem hai iss dosa k bajah se.wahan puja me kuch parciialty toh hota nehi hai na.pls bataiaga thoda mujhe.pls help me.ghar me koi agree nehi hote he wahan jane k liye.me wahan jaungi toh sab kuch thik ho jyaga na.

  • Hiiii rajiv.mey odisha se hun.mujhe v kal sarp dosa hai.mey ish dosa k liye sochi hun nasik jaungi puja karne k liye.mey Jan na chahti hun ki waha pe waise kuch kuch special puja hai ya fir sabko Ek jese hi dekha jata hai.mujhe nasik k purusottama pandit ji ne bole ki puja k liye 2500 kharcha hoga.mey Jan na chahti hun wahan sabko Ek jese puja ka treat kiya jata hAi ki nahi. Pls rajiv give me the reply

  • Hi I have also been adviced to perform this puja as soon as possible has it helped you in anyway? Are you better than before now?

  • Thanks for a beautiful piece of information. I want to ask about the pooja. is there any chance that the pooja starting in the afternoon. As of now i m not staying in india, i m will be reaching to mumbai and after that will be going to triambakeshwar. Can anyone tell me can this puja be conducted in the afternoon??? please suggest

    • Hi Gunjan,

      I am not completely sure of this but I think that you cannot perform the puja on behalf of your husband. Contact some of the numbers of pandit’s listed in the comments…..maybe they will be able to guide you better.

      Take Care

  • Hi Rajeev,
    You have written a wonderful review. I have plans to visit Trimbakeshwar on 3rd May, 2015. Is there anything that someone needs to be very careful about? I have contacted a person named Shree Ajit V. Chandwadkar. He has told me an expenditure of approx. 2000 for the total puja.


    • Hi Biswajit,

      Am happy that you found the write up useful. Have really nothing more to add than what has already been written or commented upon.

      May the puja be helpful to you…..take care.

      • Thank you Mr. Rajeev Minocha for sharing your experience which was really helpful. I would also like to share my experience regarding the KalSarpa Shanti Puja at Trimbakeshwar with a hope that it would be helpful to someone. I am from Kolkata and after consulting some astrologers (they demanded a fee ranging from INR 1000 to INR 26000) decided to do this puja at Trimbakeshwar and get this over with once and for all. Below is a synopsis of my visit. My visit was from 1st May, 2015 till 5th may, 2015.

        • Started from Kolkata at 1.50 pm by Gitanjali express.
        • Reached Nasik Road railway Station on 2nd May at 4.30 pm.
        • Hired an auto to reach Trimbakeshwar. Negotiated with the auto driver who had charged me INR 800 at the beginning to finally bring it down to INR 500. Alternatively, you can also take an auto to CBS bus stand for a fare of INR 100 and from there you will need a bus to Trimbakeshwar. The bus fare will range from INR 35 to INR 65 depending on the type of bus.
        • My auto travel time was 1 hour 15 mins and I reached my hotel (Hotel Sahyadri) at around 6.30 pm. If you take the alternate route then the auto from Nasik road railway station to CBS bus stand will take around half an hour and the bus journey will take approximately 45 mins to reach trimbakeshwar. Then you will again need to take an auto to reach your hotel depending on the distance of your hotel from the Trimbakeshwar bus stand.
        • At around 7 pm I set out from my hotel to meet the Pujari (Ajit V. Chandwadkar; 9822222530 & 9371004172) and discuss about the Puja which was to be done on 3rd may, 2015.
        • After the discussion I visited the Trimbakeshwar temple and returned back to my hotel. I took my dinner at the hotel restaurant and the food was very good.
        • I set out of my hotel next day at 7 am as I had to reach the Pujari’s place before 7.30 am after sprinkling some water on me from the Kushawarta Kund.
        • When I reached the pujari’s palace there were already some people present who had also come for the Kalsarpa puja from different parts of the country.
        • We waited till 8 am for more people to join us and the puja began.
        • The puja was very satisfactory as the Pujari tried to explain each and every formality of the puja and its importance.
        • The puja finally got over by 12 noon. The pujari charged me a total of INR 1620 which I think is totally justified. He also reminded all of us to avoid taking bath, not to consume non-vegetarian food, onion, garlic, alcohol etc. on that day. However, we can live our normal life from the next day but consumption of alcohol and non-veg food was strictly prohibited till 41 days after the puja.
        • I took my lunch at Mahesh Vojnalaya near the temple as it was a strictly vegetarian hotel and the food was quite nice and thereafter returned to my hotel.
        • In the evening I took a stroll near the temple complex and once again visited the temple as there was nothing else to do. I dined at the same Mahesh Vojnalaya and returned to my hotel.
        • I left my hotel at 7 am next day(4th may, 2015) and took an auto to reach Trimbakeshwar bus stand. The auto charged me INR 30 as my hotel was not near to the bus stand and it was not worth to walk with the entire luggage.
        • I took a bus to CBS bus stand which charged a fare of INR 45. I took an auto from CBS bus stand to Nasik road railway station which charged me INR 100.
        • I boarded Gitanjali express from Nasik Road railway station at 9.30 am and reached Kolkata at 12.30 pm the following day (5th May, 2015).


    • Hi Biswajeet,

      Have you got your pooja done at Trimbakeshwar by Pt. Ajit V. Chandwadkar. How was your experience. Are you feeling any relief after pooja. how much pandit ji charged for your pooja and what was included. let me know. you can contact me directly at my email.



  • Sir, really it is a great puja and most of the people believe in this Kaal Sarp Dosha Puja. As per you reply which you have said to Mr. Rahul, that you have not seen much differences. I think you have not given much importance towards it after the puja which you have not observed the changes in your life.

  • Dear all ,

    As I understand, kaala sarpa dosha has to be addressed at as younger an age as as possible in ones life . The belief is that the dosha grows with the age of the affected person like the snake(Sarpa-Combination of Rahu-Ketu, always diagonally opposite in the Janma Kundali) grows from a small one to a bigger one. If performed at an younger age depending on the severity of the effect as per Kundali, performing the pooja 1-2 times is enough.
    But when we grow further and the pooja is performed in the later part of life(if it is not performed even once in childhood) it requires multiple times. So if someone says that they did not find the result post-Pooja period to be much beneficial, then the reason is as stated above.Therefore parents can ascertain whether such doshas are present astrologically in kundali of their kids and perform poojas per the requirement.



  • Sir I want ti know that how much type of kal sarp dosh and is that different puja for
    All and at traybakeshwar where is best pandit ji for that , pls share information

  • Dear Friends

    I have seen many comments on Kaal Sarp pooja at Trimbakeswara…I hope some of them is indeed helpful.

    My experience is below, first of all truth is all pandit are making fool of visitors in name of KAAL SARP POOJA. each is charging 1500-6500 as per your status.

    I had visited trimbak in Oct 2014 on 29th, as you cross mandir and move towards kund, you will find small houses all are fake pandit…they have occupied this place since last 100odd years. very dirty and filthy places but making thousands of rupee every day.

    Every pandit have different muhurat date as place for pooja is limited in village.Turth is as you are at place of shiva vishnu and bharma every day is auspicious.

    Don’t book online as they will charge more, standard rate is 1500+200. Pooja take 1-1.5hrs only these days. better reach around 9am so that you can take up second pooja time as 7am round is full of people.

    you can get new cloths at shops in 250 for gents, which you need to leave after pooja.

    At trimbakeshwara temple also, pandit have hijack gods…all money you offer to god will directly get into pocket of 5-8 pandit who have control.

    I was willing for shiva rudrashek in morning, pandit ask me 1100, but security guards at temple suggest me pandit who charge 500 and security guard take 100. I think it was fair as I traveled from Delhi for darshan.

    SO friends, mind it that no pandit is genuine, all are fake and making atleast 5-10lacs per months, and we are like stupid even after education we fall into such pandit.

    better offer food and cloths to needy…god will be happy.

    • Hi, Karma is all encompassing. Sins have to be paid for, had it been that easy to get rid of sins then this would have been followed worldwide..These pandits are just making money by scaring us…pls do not fall into the trap !

  • @Rajeev. Thank you for sharing your experience. You said, pooja was done outside. So did you not visit the temple? Is the pooja not done inside the temple by temple authorities? Obviously when we go there with a lot of effort and spending, we need to do darshan. Can you please let me know complete details about the temple, timings, services offered inside the temple and other relevant information?

    • Hi Kamal,

      The pooja was done outside the temple in an ashram and I assume there are many such places there…..I had prebooked the pooja as I did not want to travel all the way and take a chance. I did visit the temple in the evening for a darshan where the pandit asked for a 100 Rs to allow me to stand for 10 secs in front of the diety and offer my prayers. For those who did not pay the ‘special fee’ the darshan was nothing more than a fleeting glimpse.

      Sorry, dont know more about the services offered in the temple or the timings. Though I understand that most temples in India are closed from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

  • Sir,

    Thanks for this needful information. I’m also plan to go nasik for this pooja. Please tell where is the exact place where the pooja is performed. Is that the premises of Trimbeshwar temple or somewhere else. So we can locate the exact place.

    • Dear Ritu,

      The pooja is not done inside the temple…..there are many small ashram’s where the different pandit’s conduct the pooja. The best way would be to make a prior appointment and be clear where to go since there are specific dates when the pooja is conducted and it changes each month. Try to contact the number I have listed….maybe it would be of help.

    • I don’t think it’s worth going there…..where r u ? let’ s discuss if we can collectively find someone in our bative place and perform a better and effective one ?

  • Dear Rajeev,

    I have also been advised for Kaalsarpa yoga. Just want to ask if you feel this Puja has helped you or everything is going as it was before. I mean any sharp steep you have observed afterwards ?

    I am asking because different Astrologers suggest differently. There are few who perform this Puja for 3 weeks.

    Many Thanks

  • Dear,
    Is there any significant change took place after puja in your life. You know as per an astrologer I am suffering from same dosh. It ruined my life, my social and married life both. Whenever I use to start any work it only ends in a big loss. Sometimes I just want to run away from my life. Please guide me if you had any benefit.


  • Abhi Abhi Mai 2 October ko kal sharpa dosh shanti karwa ke aa raha hoon….. Rs. 1500.00 & Rs. 120.00 Pandit Jee ke paas dena para hai aur naye kapde me jaise kurta, payjama, towel / dhoti, under garments & towel ye aapko puja ke baad khol dena hoga…. (RAHNE KE LIYE MANDIR KE SAMNE DHARMSHALA ME 200/- SE 300/- ME MIL JAYENGE)

  • its very useful information shared by you,i am planning for the same puja,pl guide me if the expenses shared by you is the whole sum or is there any extra amount involved for like dakshna or donation asked by the pundit after puja. pl also share how we can approach the genuine pundit .

    • Thanks….am happy you found this to be of use….I have listed all the information. Anyway, am being repititive on this….the amount paid by my was all inclusive for accomodation and the puja….dakshna is seperate and is individual based (I paid Rs 100). I have listed the number of the only pandit that I know of.

    • As iwent through the various articlesi got to know that
      125000 om namah shivay mantras are the base of this puja..

  • Thanks alot for ur guidance. Currently i m in Trimbakeshwas and its 6 am….sitting in one of the guruji’s home..named Vaman Joshi…lets hope everything goes well. I m from Kolkata and prior coming i had checked abt the charges…They told me Rs.2500 which i think is matching with the other pandit’s rates. I ve my pooja tomorrow….now eagerly waiting for it…

    thanks once again…

  • Hi Rajeev,
    Thank you for the wonder write up and information provided. Its been 3 months since the question was last asked so I though I would check on that. Has your situation improved? Are you back into employment now?
    Thanks and regards,

    • Dear Manu,

      I did not see any other comment from you where any question was asked…..well, I have answered the question in many of my other replies…..I honestly don’t know if the pooja was of help to me though my brother claimed it really did help him.

  • hello Mr.Rajeev,
    my name is Varun kumar & my
    DOB – 27-01-80.
    Time – 20:40
    place – Ghaziabad, U.P.
    please tell me is there any kind of kaal sarp dosh in my kundli. and please suggest me for the accurate Pooja.

  • my D.o.B is 17/04/1990 and time is 20:17.I am experiencing Kalsarpdosh in my kundli.Pls tell me the procedure and cost of pooja

    Kunal Mendiratta

    • sir, meri kundli meinghatak kal srap yog hein kya pooja karwane ke baad muje iske achche parinaam milege ,muje aap pooja ka kharch btaie or pooja ek din mein ho jaigi kya

  • Trimbkeswar website which is there have we to book online if a trip needs to be made . Whts the expenditure from travelling to all puja etc . Various astrologers say diff dosh . How do I confirm I have kalsarap dosh . My date of birth 16 jan 1983 time 11.00 am . Is it safe if single lady vists to the temple for a days stay

    • Dear Kushali,

      I did not book through the online site as I was given to understand that each pandit works independent….expenses on puja I have already stated and expenses on travel are individual based. I underwent the puja based on advice from an astrologer that I had kaal sarp….post the puja when I consulted other astrologers they said I dont have kaal sarp. Who to believe and who not to…. 🙂

  • I had gone for the kalsarpayog puja on 6th April 2014. I was not told by the pandit that I need to discard the new cloths after the puja.

    I had to come back that day itself from Mumbai. Now, what should I do with these cloths ? I have kept the cloths after dry wash – it was an expensive one. Should I give these to a poor person ?

    • Well, you could call the pandit and tell him about this being overlooked and ask for the solution…..in my personal opinion you could always give it out to needy person. That persons blessing will give you more peace and satisfaction!

  • shivam dob 09-10-1997 time 04-13 am jamnagar gujrat please conferm kaal sarp pooja reqiured m o9818599958 skgaurupsc&gmail.com

  • sir,
    i am facing lots of problem from last 1 month due to kaal sarf. so many good pandit see my kundli and adivce to go to nasik for kaal sarf pooja. My sife is not suffering for this. so i will come alone or with my wife please advice. i want to visit this month.

    • Dear Pankaj, I hope the puja helps you. You need to check with the pandit on the dates….the puja is held on certain dates of the month. Do that and book for the puja before you go to Nasik. God bless

        • Hi Preethi…..great question and I wish I could reply back with a great answer. Honestly I dont know if it made any difference to my life situation. I certainly did not feel any change. However my cousins swear by the impact the puja had on their life.

  • Thank you for all the interesting experienced shared. Can the pandit speak English? And can I not overnight there? I just intend to go straight for the prayers and head back after that. Your reply will be greatly appreciated. Thanks once again.

  • Sir,
    I need to perform kaal sarp puja 4 times.
    If i go on any day,will the puja be performed?
    Or is it on particular dates in a month?
    Can clarify me?

  • Thanks for sharing … plz let me know about the ceremonies performed and offerings(silver snakes etc) offered. Did 2500/- include all that ?

    somebody told me that at ujjain its natural jyotirlinga and in nasik its man-made also in ujjain it takes one day alone in puja but in naski we need to spent 3 days for same, but u spent only 1 day for that purpose in nasik. Plz clarify where shud i go ujjain or nasik. I live in Delhi.
    Thanks Sir.


  • it is the same similatrto kalahasthi in andraprasdesh which is about 60 kms from renigunta tirupathi the similar pooja is done dailyy

    • I do not know about that…..but my old astrologer (who had recommended this puja insisted going to Trimbekeshwar only. I also gave him some other options such as Ujjain but he did not agree.

  • Dear Mr Minocha,

    Please advise that this pooja of kaalsarp yoga has to be done with wife or native can go alone and perform his pooja?

    • Your wife can travel with you and stay there….however she will not be partaking in the puja if the same has been advised for you only.

  • Sir, how was your experience with the pandit? were there any other hidden costs involved? I need a genuine pandit that is not money minded and does the pooja well pls advise thank you SIr.

    • Hi Deepak,

      The experience with the pundit was simple and clear without any complications……there were no hidden costs and at that time all I paid was Rs 2,500 which included all puja expenses, room on shared basis and a basic lunch after the puja.

      That was my first visit and there were no misunderstandings on the money. He jokes about a big dakshana but we all gave him Rs 100 which he happily accepted. He seemed to be quite well known there as we stopped to ask for directions on a number of times and everyone seemed to know him.

      I am not the best person to comment whether he does the puja well or not…..but it was a marathon puja for almost 5-6 hours.

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