This guy knows what he talks!!!

This guy knows what he talks!!!

Well, we’re back to the world of astrologers and as I did promise to all of you that in the event I come across anyone worthwhile I would update you… here is my experience about this astrologer.

Indranil Mitra is an astrologer and a palmist who operates out of a small office in Shapurjat, New Delhi and can be contacted at +91 9811191437. He sits in an office where the majority of the space is taken up by the jeweler showcasing some expensive and exquisite diamonds and other precious stones while he takes up a small cubicle with bare essentials. He is highly disciplined as regards to the timing and normally an appointment fixed will start at the scheduled time so in case you’ve turned up late for the appointment….well, it’s your loss. He will not delay the other appointment for your sake.

So while earlier he used to charge 2k for the initial meeting and 1.5k for each of the subsequent ones buy of late he has increased the same by about 20% (wish my salary could also go up the same rate). He normally charges the NRI’s at a higher rate than the resident Indians which could be more on account of affordability…..couldn’t figure out any other reason. It is said that some people tried to cover the fact that they were working overseas to save on the additional charge (penny saved is penny earned) and during the consultation the astrologer would find out that as per their charts they should be working or staying overseas. He has been so sure of his findings that upon insistence the clients would eventually admit that they were stationed overseas…..they would of course say that they out him to this test to judge him rather than admit that they wanted to save on the charges.

He has a fantastic memory and tends to remember most of the things that have been discussed in the previous meetings and normally doesn’t stray off the course….well, most of the times till his ego gets the better of him and there is an I, Me and Myself monologue for (thankfully) a short period of time.

He is the only astrologer I have met till date who has a habit of writing down his observations on a sheet of paper and on each consultation he will refer to the earlier noting and show you how accurate his reading was….what is important is to have the sheet of paper of the first meeting such that he does not have to do the calculations all over again…..hence the subsequent meetings are a bit cheaper in terms of consultation.

His reading about me and my background was about 80% accurate….he does not describe the characteristics but was accurate enough to tell me the following basics about me…

  1. 1.       You have been working overseas and did extremely well – Right
  2. 2.       You’ve been attempting some business or doing nothing for the last 10 months – Right
  3. 3.       There has been a relocation in your residence in the last 3 months – Right
  4. 4.       You have a brother and sister – Right
  5. 5.       Your wife is either a teacher or in an admin job – Right (she’s a teacher).
  6. 6.       You have two daughters – Wrong (I have a son and a daughter).
  7. 7.       Your wife is a well read person – No comments 🙂
  8. 8.       You had overseas offers but don’t want to go back again – Right

And the reading went on and on……there were certain predictions made which as I said earlier he writes down with the dates and or the time period that it could occur in and if I look back at these papers (I’ve met him about 4 times in the last one year) I can see that he has been right on most of the predictions though the time indicated for each of the predictions may have varied a bit here and there….say a month or two.  

He is also an astrologer who did not suggest any ‘remedies’……some of the remedies suggested to few of my friends by their astrologers have been have been funny and some outright bizarre…..from feeding the stray dogs to performing Kaal Sarp puja at Trimbeksehwar, sporting a nose ring, talking to dogs….and the list goes on. Indranil Mitra at best suggested going to the temple and chanting Hanuman Chalisa which was not really an issue at all…..going to a temple is always something that I look forward to.

I think the guy is worth a try….don’t know if it works the same way that it worked for me but then he seems to have a pretty good clientele and I guess he must be giving out about 6 to 7 appointments each day from Mon to Sat….but then I think he is well worth a try……he’s a no frill guy, educated, disciplined and he certainly knows what he talks.

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  • Hi everyone!

    Mr. Mitra’s predictions were very very accurate.
    Since Mr. Mitra is no more now , can you suggest any good astrologers like him

  • Mr. Mitra’s predictions have been quite accurate in my case. He has been able to say things about my past and present that’s very specific and didn’t make any generic statements. He also guided me about my future course of action regarding my career, relationships, etc. A lot of my family members have also benefited from his readings. But from what I understood, faith is very important. What I like most about him is that he never asked me to wear a variety of stones or spend time and money on ridiculous things that most astrologers do. Highly recommend him based on my personal experience.

  • kindly share your experince if sepnding Rs 2300 on consulting with Mr Mitra is worth.
    Is anybody can tell , about future predictions by Mr Mitra is correct.

  • I noticed the comments of most of the people who seem to have visited Mr. Mitra. I have been consulting him since the year 2000, at regular interval of 4-6 months. It needs to be understood that astrology is not a magic wand but mathematical calculations performed according to the movements of your planets. It is unfair to expect that alone the planets can change the circumstances of any individual from negative to positive. It is a continuous flow of activity, results of which are visible over a period of time.

    The problem with the people who have not been able to get the right predictions is simply because you expect the results very fast, as you are facing some difficult situations, as most of the times the need of an astrologer arises when the times are tough. Astrology is a guiding light, which helps in choosing your path, so that your actions gives the desired/best results.

    Even in my case there where instances, when the predictions were not coming true, but I regularly consulted Mr. Mitra with great belief in him and finally the results which were expected as per his predictions have started showing. It might be hard for you guys to believe that there are certain FEW predictions which are even late by more than 5 years, but finally WHAT HE PREDICTED, it is coming true. The reason is simple that I believed in the guidance of Mr. Mitra, which along with my hard work is finally showing results.

    Remember one thing that I have learnt ‘Not everyone passes through tough times. The one’s who are special and chosen for some great work in future are made to pass these tough times, which last unusually longer as compared to others. Tough times are sort of a training period, which is required to make you a perfect human being, to complete the task that you have been born to do.’

    So all those broken hearts, who are disappointed by Mr. Mitra, need to careful understand what I have written. STOP considering him GOD rather consider him as your DOCTOR, who will surely help you cure your problems with your cooperation.

    • Maniish,

      A very strongly written comment….almost seems that you are out to convince the ‘broken hearts’ that their perceptions are wrong. They have had their own experiences which unfortunately have not been so pleasant as for others….to each his own…no?

      • Each person experiences events based on their belief, so in a way Maniish Mehra is right if we take into consideration his faith in the person. Similarly others may not have experienced the predictions as they had at first doubts about the prediction to start with and then since there is no faith they do not support themselves to get what they desire. I hope I have not confused the lot.

    • Dear KK,

      I have listed your comment as I would like all to share their experiences…..Mitra seemed to have worked for me and many others. Unfortunately he may not have worked out as per your expectations but he certianly is not a fraud.

  • After reading your post on religion and how they are money vending machines; I am surprised by the fact that you are praising an astrologer and how you are vouching for him. I am surprised that we have so many people believing in astrology even today. Astrologists are nothing but people who exploit good understanding of human psychology to their money making ends. I don’t understand this fad of still accepting them as a professionals in today India! How can this still be a thing ?!

  • I also met him and got a horoscope prediction for my brother and it was all incorrect.

    Two friends of mine also met him and his predictions for them were also incorrect .

    I strongly suggest to not waste your money and time.

    Whats the point of just knowing your past.. which you already know..!!

  • Dear Mr Minocha

    Thank you so much for this. I was searching for Astrologer Indranil Mitra (Had heard about him) and sent my husband (who is jobless for 6 months) for consultation. He was quite accurate about the past and optimistic about the future. Though his past predictions were correct, future predictions are not coming true.

    Just to check, his authenticity, I blew up more money, and consulted him. His predictions about my past were again true but whatever he said about the future did not materalise. My patience is wearing off. He asked me to wear pukhraj. I was so desperate that I wore one (a very expensive gem). I am still waiting for the results.

    Just wanted to know if you still consult him? Has the remedies given my him worked for you? Why are we living in the dark?

    • I see you have an update on Mr Indranil. But you did not approve my comment. Any specific reason for that?

      • Dear SD,

        There is no reason not to approve your comments… just takes a bit of time to filter out all the spams that keep hitting the site each day. Sorry for the delay.

    • Dear SD,

      We all go through these phases in life and its easy for friends and relatives to shake their head in sympathy but it is nothing short of a disaster for the guy to take a hit on his job. I too have been through this phase and despite pulling all strength to push each day forward there comes a time when the mind starts playing games with you.

      I met umpteem astrologers from ones who had Bryan Adam’s visiting them to the ones advertising ‘phoren returned’….I guess only the parrot was left out in my quest.

      Meeting Mitra did not work magic for me on the first time but then he did speak of things which gave me confidence that he understood my case. He gave me timeline between Apr to Oct as the period within which I could get another job and he insisted it would be through an old associate.

      Seven months of open window is not easy to stride but then it gave hope and strength to keep moving forward. I finally did get a job in Dec so a few month off the mark.

      He or any other astrologer cannot change the event of things to come but then what is of importance is how the person can guide you through the changes. That is what I have come to realize is most important and this is where Mitra does justice.

      And yes, I consult him almost once a quarter.

      • Dear Mr Minocha

        Thank you for writing this and giving words of encouragement. Yes we are going through a tough phase and its important to get sanity.

        Thank you so much.

  • Very fraud astrologer…..first of all his charges are too much……he does not give proper time and always call within one Month for next prediction….I am not satisfied

    • Dear Amit,

      Our opinions vary as our experiences…..I agree that he is not cheap but then I have never seen him call again for a re-consultation….repeated visits are totally based on your own choice.

  • Agee with the words mentioned here – most of things that Mr Mitra mentioned were correct and written down – I can go back to paper and check what all has happened

  • I met him and got a horoscope prediction. It was all incorrect. A friend of mine met him as well and his predictions for her were incorrect too.
    Suggest do not visit him. Not worth it, waste of money and time!

  • I am trying to locate Indranil Mitra from overseas but cannot find him at the phone number mentioned. Is there an updated number?

    • The number listed is correct…..I meet him once every 3 months and I called him at the same number last week too. You could try calling at his residence number 91 11 22728385 around 2100 hours IST.

  • have met him various times for son daughter & myself. He is right in 90% cases & may be out in dates for few months. Excellent astrologer

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