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Dental Care in Bangalore

 I have often wondered why so many dental clinics have mushroomed over the last few years in almost all the cities in India… it that the Indians have become more concerned about their oral health or is it a part of the surge of cosmetic needs in the expectations and lifestyle of people. I guess it’s more to do with the latter. Bangalore is no different and there are scores of such dental clinics in almost every neighborhood of the city.

 Having been a smoker for almost 15 years the nicotine had taken its toll on my oral hygiene and apart from the stains that had accumulated over the last few years there was a definite feeling of weakness in the gums and the swelling in them was quite visible. Once you’ve had your meal the bacteria go crazy over the sugar on your teeth, like ants at a picnic and it is these bacteria that break down the sugar into acids that eat away the tooth enamel causing holes called cavities. What is not visible is that the deposits tend to become a thriving ground for bacteria which starts its feeding frenzy and over the years the gums are so badly eaten away that they no longer can support the teeth.

 It was on a visit to the dentist for my son that I asked them to have a quick check on the condition of my teeth and there was the revelation that given the poor state of my oral health my teeth would at best last for another 4 to 5 years before they start popping off….oops…that was not good news at all. The teeth are by nature perfectly aligned with each other and if one of them shakes it tends to have a domino effect onto the others and soon you find that you’ve taken on a lot of problems into your life. After a quick survey of the various clinics in town I found the one which I think suited me most and my decision was right.

Narayana Hrudayalaya Dental Clinic is a chain of dental clinics operating all over Bangalore and is a part of the renowned Narayana Hrudayalaya group. There is a clinic in Frazer Town which was quite convenient to me. The clinics are extremely good and well maintained and I found them to be about 20% cheaper than any of the other ones that I had visited.  The doctors are experts in their own fields and are very competent. I was a regular visitor with them for over a year during which I had to undergo treatment for the gums and then the alignment of the teeth (I had developed a gap in between my front two teeth). It is a bit of a pain to keep visiting my dentist for over a year but I could start feeling the difference and my gums were definitely feeling more tight and firm. The gap had closed and I started feeling more confident about flashing a smile and not having to worry about the almost 3mm gap between my teeth. You may check out the clincs at

During my visits to the clinic I learnt that there are over 27 different techniques for brushing ones teeth and the one which I found suited best to my condition was to angle the brush at about 45 degrees against my teeth such that the bristles could easily reach the spaces between the teeth and clean out the food particles. But then most importantly I found that the most critical and effective way to keep your oral hygiene in top form is to brush in the night before going to bed and that prevents the bacteria from having a feast all night. This habit coupled with the chewing of some Tulsi leaves has gone a long way to re-establish a good level of oral hygiene in my body.

Remember that there is no substitute for what Mother Nature has given to you….and there is no place where dentists are not available. One should go for an oral check up at least every 6 months, to check everything’s fine with your teeth and oral structures. A normal checkup doesn’t cost much, and is very helpful but if left unchecked you can be sure as hell  that you’ll end up paying huge bills as dental care does not come cheap.

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