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Golfing in KGA, Bangalore

Golfing in KGA (Karnataka Golf Association) is probably one of the best things to experience in Bangalore. A beautiful 18 hole course with ample water bodies and sand traps the course proves to be quite a challenge for the golfers beginners and pros alike.

The fairways are maintained immaculately and so are the greens which on this particular course are quite undulating and hence can be quite very tricky. The trick (if it can be done) is to land your approach shot as close to the pin as possible…..else the undulating greens can be quite a task and roll the ball off target. 

The par-72, 6,945 yards Karnataka Golf Association ( KGA ) golf course is one of the few in India where you can watch the proceedings on the 1st and the 10th tee, as well as the 9th and 18th greens, from the magnificent clubhouse – an aspect considered to be classic in golf course designing.

KGA has all the facilities that a good club should have…..from a large driving range to warm up, a well maintained course, a good clubhouse, a swimming pool, gym etc. The club also has a simulator lounge where the staff is extremely helpful and gives you the small tips that make a lot of difference to your game. It is a pleasure to play at the KGA and to enjoy a glass of chilled beer after a round of golf whilst overlooking the other groups finishing off their games at either of the 9th or 18th green. This is one of the few golf courses in Bangalore which has a floodlit facility though it is restricted to an early switch off at 1900 hours.

The only down part of this course that I could find is the manner in which the caddies demand their fees after you have finished your game and the kit has been loaded in the vehicle. The rates payable to the caddies are clearly displayed and whilst one always considers a small tip to be added to the pay the caddies are quite persuasive in asking for large tips which can go at par or even more than the rates payable to them. I have witnessed a certain amount of aggression also in some of the caddies present there. This is extremely unpleasant and I stopped using the caddie services altogether at this course. I am not the only person who has adopted such a stance and many others have also shared similar experiences. Well, in the worst case scenario I may loose 3 or 4 balls in the course but then it’s a better and cheaper alternative to having to argue with caddies.

Membership to the club is just about impossible but if you’re a golfing buff there are some short term memberships available under certain conditions. The highlight of the club’s policies is that they give student membership to children which is valid for one year (at a nominal cost) and can be extended each year till the child has reached 24 years of age. There are again certain restrictions imposed on the student member but it is a noteworthy effort to develop young talent.

Golfing in KGA is indeed a remarkable experience. You may visit for more information. 

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